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Buyer's Wish List
Before the home search begins, download this handy wish list of property features and amenities you'd like in your new property.

 This Month In Real Estate

Visit our monthly video news series that offers an inside look at the Buying a house. Monthly Real Estate video update.national real estate market.
 Eight steps to buying your home

Home buying tips. Black Mountain NC RealtorBuying a home can be both: a thrilling experience and difficult event. Happily, with some helpful tips and the right real estate agent, finding that dream home may be just in reach.
 Deciding how much house you can afford

How much house can you afford? The answer is as unique as you are and based on many factors—your location, income, savings, personal preferences.
Creating your home wishlist

When you begin your home search, analyze what you want. Decide in advance any special preferences and know as much as possible about the features and amenities you wish for. Plan to succeed.
Location, Location, Location

Schools, neighborhoods, urban, suburban or rural? Here's a checklist of items you should consider and discuss with your real estate agent. Leaving little to chance will make finding and buying your new home a better experience.

Opting for new home construction

Buy an existing home or have one built? A realtor is your advocate and ally,  helFind a custom home builder in Black Mountain North to navigate twists and turns of the building process. From selecting a contractor through setting schedules, upgrades and terms. A real estate agent knowledgeable in new-home construction can guide you home.
How can a real estate agent help me?

 Main roles of your buyer agent
Eight important questions to ask your agent

Important questions to ask your agent
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